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Super Motocross - Trophy game

Super Motocross - Free Trophy game

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File Size: 33 Mb

Game Description
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Who said only professional riders can manage with those jungles and those rocky hills? Super Motocross is a new astonishing trophy game which let the motocross lovers enjoy the process without having a real bike. There will be numerous locations with various weather conditions and obstacles. You need to overcome all of them with the maximum speed and never turn over otherwise the game's finished. After each task you are given a trophy that you deserve according to the result. You will fight the barriers in the jungle, in the hills, and in the other extreme conditions. There are 4 types of motocross vehicles given: Grinder E2 is the one available for you in the beginning. You will have to show high quality performance to unlock and use all the others. They are really awesome and only the best deserve them. The trophy game Super Motocross game gives you lots of variants how to get through the level. You can do it more or less aggressively but fast anyway. Not only you have to be the most professional but also the quickest of all. The graphics will take you to various places on the Earth so you have to be ready for spectacular views and enormous quantity of barriers and complicated tasks. Every next step is risky as you never want to lose what you've earned, do you? Super Motocross is a good challenge for every player and especially enjoyable for daredevils who've learnt much about racing. Enjoy the beauties of nature and obstacles. Train the will, sports spirit and craving for victory. Download this new spectacular trophy game for the motocross adorers right now.

  • 4 vehicles available
  • Numerous levels in different locations
  • Fantastic effects and sounds
  • Easy controls
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory


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Download Super Motocross - Trophy game


File Size: 33 Mb