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Help Kate and Jack deliver pizza to the most remote places!

During their vacations Jack and Kate decided to get a part time job in Pizza Dude restaurant of their uncle John. It seems to be easy for them to take the orders and deliver pizza under supervision of the uncle. Moreover, there is no one who likes to make pizza more than Kate and Jack. Uncle John doesn't let them work more because he doesn't think they are ready for the big-time pizza business. Once it happens that they are left on their own. Kate and Jack decide that's the chance they've been waiting for so long. That's the time to show their uncle John that they can manage the restaurant and earn big-time tips. Kate and Jack have to move fast and gain as much money during the shift as possible. They have everything to prepare pizza, a couple of scooters to deliver it, youth energy and the huge desire to become a little bit wealthier. Pizza Dude restaurant is well-known by its fast delivery and delicious pizza so they aren't going to have troubles with orders. What Kate and Jack don't have is time. To deliver pizza before the dish gets cold, they are ready to drive in the further corners of the town and break all road regulations. There is nothing in the world that can stop 2 Pizza Dude employers to be right in time! If they failed, there is no way to explain uncle John why the restaurant started to get less calls and he will definitely fire them. Help Kate and Jack prove their manager that they are ready to supervise the business without him. There is only one chance and Pizza Dudes are not going to miss it!

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