Nitro Racers - Furious game

Nitro Racers - Free Furious game

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Game Description
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The only way to get the first place in this furious game is to forget about all speed limits! Nitro Racers is a contest for the craziest ones! Right now choose the mode you wish to play: competition or single track. Then there are the most expensive and fastest cars for the best turns and acceleration. To unlock such monsters as Celesta and Cerberus in this furious game you need to win the races and earn some cash. Then - welcome to the garage for the new trophies! Nitro Racers is one of the best games designed for furious racings in the most unpredictable locations. The only problem is to get used to that speed - it seems you are going to take off in a moment. Keep an eye on your rivals and use nitro acceleration for better results. You can crash into some stuff during the game but not too often as the speed decreases. You need to show the best performance as your rivals are the fastest ones. Slow down a little to turn carefully and keep the balance. But boost the speed when you need to outrun the opponent. Nitro racing has become one of the best and most thrilling types of the racing games. The furious game Nitro Racers is a perfect specimen of speed, high quality 3D effects and realistic competitiveness with risk and damage. Who will be the first and the last? We'll know that very soon. Check this game for maximum speed and fantastic realistic effects. Outstanding graphics will astonish you. Complete time attack, show technical racing, and bring home that shiny gold cup from today's Nitro Tournament. The track is on fire tonight!

  • High-quality effects
  • Garage full of yummy cars
  • A number of tracks
  • A risky game
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory


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Download Nitro Racers - Furious game


File Size: 35 Mb