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Sep. 3, 2014 Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages
Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages

Help fantasy creatures oppose the hordes of cunning enemies!

Download Game [Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages]

File Size: 3 Mb

Jul. 24, 2013 Big Farm
Big Farm

Turn the devastated barnyard into a prosperous farm!

Download Game [Big Farm]

File Size: 3 Mb

Jul. 28, 2012 Trucker 2 - Highway Game
Trucker 2

Choose your truck and complete each of 60 challenging missions!

Download Game [Trucker 2]

File Size: 356 Mb

Jul. 24, 2012 Need for Russia - Retro Game
Need for Russia

Take part in the car races driving one of retro Russian cars!

Download Game [Need for Russia]

File Size: 216 Mb

Jul. 8, 2012 Citybus - Bus driving game

Drive Citybus and destroy everything on your way while completing the task!

Download Game [Citybus]

File Size: 111 Mb

May 30, 2012 Extreme Drive - Gas game
Extreme Drive

Practice a lot to become the best driver among the others!

Download Game [Extreme Drive]

File Size: 132 Mb

Mar. 14, 2012 Winter Sports Extreme - Winter games
Winter Sports Extreme

Grow up the champion who wins every single cup!

Download Game [Winter Sports Extreme]

File Size: 92 Mb

Mar. 12, 2012 4x4 Dream Race - Prize games
4x4 Dream Race

Check your driving skills with monstrous 4x4 truck!

Download Game [4x4 Dream Race]

File Size: 30 Mb

Feb. 16, 2012 Superbike Racers - Attack game
Superbike Racers

Perform awesome stunts to beat your opponents!

Download Game [Superbike Racers]

File Size: 44 Mb

Dec. 18, 2011 2 Fast Driver - Download fast game
2 Fast Driver

Beat your rivals in a breathtaking night race!

Download Game [2 Fast Driver]

File Size: 319 Mb