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Need For Extreme 3D is simply marvelous! You will love the 3D graphics of this outstanding game! It's an immersion into the world of breathtaking races, breakneck speed and intoxicating adrenaline. When you start playing you can choose one of the two cars. The others are locked until you win your first race. Then you are able to pick a more powerful vehicle and increase your chances to win. You are competing with many opponents and your goal is to be the first! There are only four laps in each race so brace yourself for a challenging struggle. To make it easier Need For Extreme 3D has different bonuses for you. You can use additional acceleration or pick up a weapon and shoot at your competitors. You can also mine the road in order to prevent your opponents from winning the race. Or launch rockets into them. And don't forget to use special protection against all types of weapons. You will be amazed with the beauty of the track. It runs through the countryside with valleys and rivers. But don't waste time admiring the picturesque nature around you. Your only goal is to win the race so you could unlock better cars and continue winning all the races one by one. To practice and master your skills you can play Single Race mode. There is no pressure of the competition or time limits so you will concentrate on the track. When you are ready to compete choose the Tournament mode and show them what you've got! Download the game Need For Extreme 3D and race forward without speed limits!

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