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Extreme Drive - Gas game

Extreme Drive - Free Gas game

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Game Description
System Requirements

One morning you may wake up and understand that your life lacks something. The thing you have always wanted to carry out in practice but you have never had courage to do. If that unperformed dream is to be great at car handling, then the gas game Extreme Drive is exactly what you need. This game will work perfectly for those who want to get emotions that professional drivers get on a real track. Obviously, you can't start you driving career with a real car, however you may always give it a shot in Extreme Drive. The earlier you begin to practice, the sooner you become a great driver. You will be able to pick one car from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Peugeot and less exciting GMC companies. However, in order to find a vehicle that works perfectly for you and has, in your opinion, best driving characteristics, you should try each of them. The gas game Extreme Drive easily shows you that to finish a race first you have to gain not a good car but perfect skills. Your driving in Extreme Drive will be accompanied with great soundtrack that brings you awesome feeling of authentic races. That music is going to reveal your best qualities and let you tune in with the speed of the race. So don't hesitate, turn the volume up and give it a shot in Extreme Drive. And whenever you'll think that you never reach your dream and you are so far from the ideal, you need to remember that experience and perfection always come with practice. Take your time, buckle yourself up, turn the music on, depress the pedal in a car that fits your driving perfectly and rush straight to your dream. Because it's never too late to become a perfect driver in a real life and in the gas game Extreme Drive.

  • 4 different supercars with their unique driving characteristics
  • Authentic physics
  • Fascinating detailed graphics
  • Great soundtrack for crazy driving
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 512 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1


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Download Extreme Drive - Gas game


File Size: 132 Mb