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Dream Cars - Dream game

Dream Cars - Free Dream game

Categories: Car, Auto, Parking, Driving, Speed, Wheel, Track, Highway

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Game Description
System Requirements

In Dream Cars there are two young ladies who are fond of vehicles and driving. But they are not just enjoying a peaceful ride in the countryside. They like racing and they are ready to devote their lives to this craft in the dream game. But where should they get the money to buy the upgrades for their cars? It's good that they have a workshop in which one sister can assembly the cars while the second one is selling them during the auto show. But of course producing and selling cars is not an easy task so let's get into it and help the two girls in the game Dream Cars. In the dream game when the client comes into the shop you have to give him a magazine. It will help him choose the model and color he wants to have. Then the order is sent to the workshop where one of the sisters will assembly the correct car and paint it. But watch out for the mood of the client because he or she may get tired of waiting for so long. If you notice that the customer's getting impatient use the coffee machine which will prepare the most delicious drink in the world and the client will remain satisfied. With each new level you can make some additions and expand the small business. For example, buy a cooler for the sales office, purchase additional equipment for the workshop or get more parking spaces. When you are tired of the stress of your business you can take a break and play a mini game. You will participate in a race where you have to avoid obstacles and compete with the other drivers. Win 10 races and you will enlarge your collection of cups. Download Dream Cars and become a real businessman in the dream game!

  • Lots of opportunities to expand your business
  • Mini games
  • Hundreds of prizes and cups
  • Timed mode
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 800 Mhz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.0


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Download Dream Cars - Dream game


File Size: 98 Mb