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Deadly Race - Skill game

Deadly Race - Free Skill game

Categories: Car, Auto, Motor, Truck, Action, Driving, Speed, Sports, Wheel, Track, Extreme, Turbo, Lorry

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File Size: 45 Mb

Game Description
System Requirements

Imagine: one day you wake up, go to your garage, get into your car and drive into the street. And what do you see there? Your city has turned into a nightmare! People are running around in panic because the third world war has started. The reason for that is the world energy crisis. Everyone is trying to flee from destroyed cities, there is no food left in the supermarkets and the only chance to survive is to take part in the skill game Deadly Race. In the beginning you will have a very bad car which is not as fast and powerful as those of your opponents. So you need to do your best in order to win your very first race. There is a gun attached to your car and you can shoot at the other racers. If you are lucky enough to get at least the bronze medal, you go on to the next level where you receive a new type of the weapon - a rocket launcher. This one is more dangerous so your chances to win increase rapidly. Besides, there is another fascinating feature - nitro. You can't even imagine how fast you can drive with it! Your opponents in the skill game Deadly Race will simply have no chance against it. But don't get too carried away by the fantastic speed and pay attention to everything. There are bonuses right on the track and when you pick them up you get additional armor and nitro. Don't chuck away the chance to come to the finish first! Later you will even be able to buy upgrades for your car. Or choose another one. It can be a Hummer, a Lamborghini or a fire department vehicle. The skill game Deadly Race will suit any taste!

  • Breathtaking action
  • Lots of different races
  • 2 game modes
  • Many cars with deadly weapons
  • Upgrades and bonuses
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory


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Download Deadly Race - Skill game


File Size: 45 Mb