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Alien Terminator - Free Download alien games

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Download Alien Terminator - Download alien games


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Want to download new alien games? First of all, Alien Terminator is an excellent game for advanced drivers as driving here is even more vital function of the truck than shooting. Oh, yes! You are a futuristic explorer of the extraterrestrial track. Armored and packed with weapon you are ready to save our planet Earth. What are you doing on the Moon, Jupiter and other Solar System planets? Just protect your home from beastly attacks and you come back soon. All the creatures in Alien Terminator really deserve elimination! They move quickly, shoot at you from different angles and always know where to find you. They are so troublesome, indeed. In fact the mission in the game is awesome. Download this alien game to prove it! You need to find the energy zone, so follow the arrows. There you have to destroy the base and it will unlock the next task of the mission. The next level you'd better expect a fight against lots of trashy toads with upgraded weapon. This is where your driving skills are necessary as they shoot from everywhere, you need to dodge the bullets and grenades. If your abilities are not so good move as quickly as you can. At least it will lessen the risk of being shot down. As for the enemies they have lots of appearances. Starting from walking guardsmen they are becoming more furious and hideous ones. Then huge robots appear Not the best company, to tell the truth. The good news is that you have many chances for reloading your weapons, changing it and improving your armor level. Bonus lis are always given to fearless warriors. Download alien game Alien Terminator now and meet the evil face to face!

  • Awesome open space background
  • Trial level for training
  • Various reloadable weapons
  • Bonus lis available
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Processor 1 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • 64 Mb of video memory


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Download Alien Terminator - Download alien games


File Size: 40 Mb