4x4 Dream Race - Prize games

4x4 Dream Race - Free Prize games

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Game Description
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There are 2 things that define you as a good driver. First one is how carefully you steer and the other is how fast you do it. The balance between accuracy and speed is going to make you a great driver. However, in reality with all those traffic jams it is hard to reveal your best car handling skills. What does count in everyday life is accuracy of your driving and no one cares that velocity is a factor, too! 4x4 Dream Race gives you a great opportunity to understand how much you lose in a city traffic jam and what the true speed is. However, you should not forget about the balance. To win any race in the prize game 4x4 Dream Race, you have to take all advantages of your 4x4 monster truck and keep in mind that it still has shortcomings. So you need to keep your all-terrain vehicle within a track in order to use all power of you four-wheel drive. As in real life, 4x4 monster truck reveals its best on the heavy road surfaces, and merely gets lost on the plane ground. However, to keep your car within a track is not going to be easy because of many various obstacles. Strictly speaking, they don't damage your vehicle but make your speed go down. So you may choose to detour them and keep the current velocity or literally drive through and get an authentic feeling of the monster truck driver. Also, the prize game 4x4 Dream Race gives you a unique chance to pass all 4 races with a monster truck you customized on your own! Choose the one that meets your requirements of the winning car. Don't waste your time and do your best in the prize game 4x4 Dream Race that brings fast-paced feeling in your life! Because the speed is a factor!

  • 10 unique individual styles of a monster truck
  • Fully breakable environment
  • 4 races with unique breathtaking atmosphere
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
  • Processor 2 Ghz or better
  • 256 Mb RAM
  • DirectX 8.1


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Download 4x4 Dream Race - Prize games


File Size: 30 Mb